Help Downloading Files

  1. Click the links at the bottom of the download page to start the download of the PDF templates.
  2. Depending on your settings, you’ll be prompted to save the file or the PDF will open within the web browser itself. Choose and easy to find location like DESKTOP
  3. If the PDF opens up in your web browser, that usually means the file is now in your default DOWNLOAD folder.

Help Printing at Home

  • 99% of the time the issue is that the printer shrinks the template.
  • If you find this to be the case, some of your printer settings need to be adjusted.
  • Before you click “print” again, you need to look for settings related to “scale” or “fit”.
  • Do not select “fit to page” or any other setting that will resize the original file.
  • If you’re able to adjust a percentage, set it to 100%.
  • If you have the option to select “Do not scale” or “Actual size”, that’s what you want.