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About Timeless

Hollow wood longboard surfboard Chad Stone wooden surfboard plans blueprints

  When I first started designing these wood surfboard plans and SUPs, I had no idea that it would grow into such a great avenue to connect woodworkers, shapers, and water lovers everywhere.  Some of my first surfboards were built for a Surf Rider Foundation fundraiser auction in Cocoa Beach, Florida, and this is where my designs really began to get noticed. What started as building boards for myself turned into much more; a website, a book, and lots of new friends all over the world.

  I found that most people who wanted a Hollow Wood Surfboard didn't want to buy one, they wanted wood surfboard plans to BUILD one! After receiving many requests to share my plans, I finally got enough material together to make my books and several plans available.  Now  I get pictures and messages from people all over the world STOKED to be making their own surf gear.   There is nothing like turning a pile of wood into a beautiful surfcraft and gliding across the water on it. Build your own and join the club!

timeless surf company hollow wood surfboard rail consruction using cedar triangles

  Why did I make these wood surfboard plans?  I wanted to build and ride my own creations and  I wasn't happy with most construction methods available. Some had too many pieces and minimal rail material, so you couldn't really smooth the rails out or shape them properly without making them too thin.  Others were too heavy or flat.

  I was determined to develop a better method. I discovered I could  build up the rails using just 4 triangular strips per rail, which makes the build process much easier, faster, and consistent.  The extra stock gives the builder more freedom when shaping without adding excess weight.  PLUS, I have developed a built in SPOON NOSE on the hollow boards, DOMED DECKS, AND VEE-TAILS, unlike other hollow surfboard plans that are flat and featureless. These boards are designed to create consistent shapes that will perform and last!

hollow wood surfboard blueprint sample

My E-book "Building Your Hollow Wood Surfboard" gives a full explanation of my construction method, along with concept and layout, and a complete guide covering the tools and processes needed to construct your own Hollow Wood Surfboard or SUP Stand Up Paddle Board.  This digital version allows you to have high resolution images that you can zoom in on for extra detail that you can't get from a printed book.  You can buy and download the Book & wood surfboard   Plans in my SHOP, or on Etsy.    Or, if you prefer, full size PRINTED plans can be ordered on  eBay and have them shipped to your door. 

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